Thanks to modern technology, we can now offer more options to patients when it comes to wearing braces. Although traditional metal braces are still widely used, clear braces have become more popular, as well as  Invisalign® and they can all be used in different cases of misaligned teeth and in patients of all ages.


Best of all, we offer the future of orthodontics NOW! Propel™ orthodontics treatment accelerator will give you results about 40 - 50% faster utilizing any of type of braces you want!!


Find out below which type of orthodontic treatment fits you best.


Metal Braces
The most common type of braces, they are made of high-grade stainless steel. These braces can correct misalignment in all types of cases. Compared to older technologies, the metal braces we utilize are smaller and more comfortable to use.
Metal Braces - Colorful choices
Metal braces allow for a discrete look as well as for a wide variety in colors!

Each patient chooses their own and you get to pick a new design every month.
Clear Braces
Clear braces are the most popular with adult patients; they’re made from translucent (clear) material and they come in 2 different types: Ceramic & Sapphire.
Although these braces are more fragile, the elastic ties can discolor between visits and treatment times can be longer, their cosmetic appeal make them ideal for patients who would regularly need traditional braces, but prefer a more conservative look.
Clear Braces
Radiance Plus™ is the clearest ceramic twin bracket available. Each Radiance Plus™ bracket is created from a single crystal of pure grown sapphire – one of the hardest materials in nature, second only to diamond.

The crystal is honed and heat polished into a remarkably strong & beautiful bracket that's nearly invisible on the teeth.
ISL Braces - Metal
Traditional braces require ligatures to hold the arch wires in place. This can make wearing braces more uncomfortable, less attractive and harder to keep clean.

Nowadays, "self-ligating braces" refers to braces that use tiny clips to hold the arch wires in place.

This modern technology, available at our office, allows us to use the special Interactive™ control technology clip to move teeth using lighter forces, reducing patient discomfort.
ISL Braces - Metal
Self-ligating braces come in 2 types and we utilize interactive ones only. "Interactive self-ligation," or ISL for short, gives allows us many advantages over traditional braces: less food gets trapped, less friction (discomfort) is present, and appointments are less frequent.
ISL Braces - Clear
The top-of-the-line braces are those that combine ISL technology with the discrete aspect of clear braces.

ISL braces in clear allow all the benefits of self-ligation PLUS are almost invisible.

Perfect for the adult patient who wants the very best.
ISL Braces - Clear
Beauty and performance come together in Empower® Clear, our ISL system of choice.

This aesthetic bracket system is superior to all other systems and ensures you the very best results in a comfortable, nearly-invisible manner.
Lingual Braces
The term "lingual" refers to the attachment of special braces on the inner surfaces of teeth. Since they are inside the mouth, they are totally inconspicuous!

There are some limitations with these type of braces, so a FREE consultation is required to see if you are a candidate for invisible lingual braces.
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